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Playing the Game

The Idea

[Moose] The idea of the current game is to score 300,000 points, to solve quests and to become a wizard.

The game is basically of the kill dwarf variety. Of course you can also slay dragons, assorted elfs, vampires, ice giants and other strange creatures. You might even find the elusive elk. Points are not only gained by slaying mobiles, you can also gain points by solving puzzles and by dropping treasures into the offering pits that are located at each start location.

Where to Start

A good idea as a new player is to go through the welcome tour when you enter the game for the first time. There you will get information about some of the more useful commands in the game. You should also take a look at the commands that are available to you. The help command will provide you with a list of these commands..

It is likely that someone will drop by after a while to see if you need some help.

The Cartographer's View of the World

[Temple of Paradise] There are two main continents on Northern Lights. They are generally referred to as The Western Lands (or the Barbarian lands) and The Empire. Even though we can provide you with a map of each continent both here and while traveling through the world (one is located at the Warm Haven, the other is located at The Broken Anchor at the harbor area of Mystic Cove) they will only give you a basic overview. It might be a good idea for you to create your own map and become a cartographer in your own right.

The Highly Accurate History of the World as Described by the The Royal Historians of the Imperial Library

In an attempt to bring some clarity as to when and where different things have happened, the Royal Historians have embarked on a quest to compile a comprehensive History of the World for your perusal. However, as you might imagine, this is an almost impossible mission.


In the end, Death comes to us all, but in the realm of the Northern Lights there are basically two ways of dying. Death-traps and death-rooms will kick you off game, making it hard for you to be able to retrieve the items you had worked hard to obtain. This is just an inconvenience, however. Dying through combat is fatal. You will lose half your score and will have to regain those points again. Most players gets the hang of dying pretty quickly. Staying alive takes a little longer to master.

Play Northern Lights

If you now are feeling ready to dive head-first into the MUD, all you need is access to the telnet command. (You can either use the link from here, or give the command directly on your computer.)
The correct command for UNIX telnet is
telnet aber.ludd.ltu.se 6715


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