What if I break the policy?

In the spirit of fairness, we will attempt to issue warnings for minor infractions of the stated NL policy. However, in instances of repeated infractions, repeated warnings about infractions, and/or one major/serious infractions of this mud's policies, appropriate actions will be taken against the offender(s). These actions include (but are not limited to):

- Exorcising (being kicked off the game)
- Loss of privilege(s)
- Loss of points
- Loss of levels
- Loss of quest(s)
- Zapping (being deleted as a player)
- Banning of node

All players (mortal and immortal) have the responsibility of following both the letter and the intent of these policies, and will be held responsible for following them.

Jon Kvebaek
Fri Feb 24 20:06:21 GMT 1995