About the game...

The idea of the current game is to score 200,000 points, to solve some "quests" and become a wizard.

Points are scored for dropping treasure into the sacrificial pit at the temple, the village church, the forest chapel or the dancing stones. Points can also be scored for killing monsters and solving puzzles. Remember to use the VALUE command to check the worth of items you find before you pit them; some objects actually have negative values...

The game has a complete combat system, one that considers weapons and shields, and also allows people to FLEE from fights. To complement this the game also has a magic system with several spells of both informational, combat and utility nature.

All this adventure and mayhem is fine, but there is one important problem with life in the game, that is dying.

There are two ways of dying in the game. Dying through little accidents with puzzles is a non-fatal event that simply kicks you off the game, while dying in a fight is fatal (you lose half of your score). Most players will rapidly get the hang of dying; living takes a little longer to master.

Some of the more usual questions is answered in the FAQs.

Jon Kvebaek
Fri Feb 24 20:06:21 GMT 1995