A Brief History of Northern Lights

Version 1.0
BT=Before TussAI=Anno ImperiaYT=Year of Tuss

The Royal Historians of the Imperial Library have composed their History of the World. Below is a synopsis:

????Vitastjern creates the world.
????Vitastjern creates the lesser gods and goddesses
  • Ash'andar of the Elves
  • Woden of the Ice People
  • Reorx of the Dwarves
  • Torak Nor of the Dwarves
????The lesser gods and goddess create their races.
????Waste, Hell, Abyss, Purgatory and other realms created.
Ancient History
>2000 BTElves settle in Western Wood. Dwarves settle in Northern Mountains.
1900 BTHumans settle in Empire.
1870 BTRepublic formed. (Present day Empire)
1800 BTOrcs, trolls, gnomes, gnolls and others arrive in Southern Hills.
Age of Elves
1763 BTElven Nation at height.
1600 BTTemple of Paradise built.
1534 BTFirst Kinslayer War - Dark Elves banished.
1500 BTElves isolate themselves from world.
1421 BTEmpire (humans) formed.
1st Age of Man
10 AI (1410 BT)Casilius first Emperor
22 AI (1398 BT)First explorations by man in New Lands (Barbarian)
49 AI (1371 BT)First colonization by man in "New Lands"
53 AI (1367 BT)Village established.
69 AI (1351 BT)Monastary 'Nominae Rosae' founded.
75 AI (1345 BT) -
250 AI (1170 BT)
Expanation of humans in "New Lands"
  • Ice People settle caves.
  • Vikings settle icy regions.
  • Kingdom of Hyrule founded.
  • Southern towns built.
260 AI (1160 BT)Knossos settled by Minotaurs
Age of Shadow
280 AI (1140 BT) -
400 AI (1020 BT)
Empire grows introverted. 'Edge' provinces begin decline.
445 AI (975 BT)War of the Houses - House of Galian and House of Antrilius over the Imperial Throne
450 AI (970 BT)War ends. House Scandinavius wins (by default)
500 AI (920 BT)Elves emerge again.
532 AI (888 BT)Passages to Wastelands, Abyss and Hell discovered.
600 AI (820 BT)Shazareth is born.
615 AI (805 BT)Shazareth begins apprenticeship
640 AI (780 BT)First Wizard Council convened.
645 AI (775 BT)Shazareth builds black fortress in Blizzard Pass as well as the Sorceror's Gate.
700 AI (720 BT)Shazareth vanishes.
2nd Wizard Council.
2nd Age of Man
734 AI (686 BT)Empire continues to decline.
800 AI (620 BT) -
1000 AI (420 BT)
Empire abandons "New Lands".
'Barbarian' lands grow in strength.
1021 AI (399 BT)Dinthiar is born.
1073 AI (347 BT)Second Kinslayer War
1076 AI (343 BT)Dinthiar proclaimed King of the Elves.
1077 AI (342 BT)Elves flee forest and disappear.
1080 AI (339 BT)Elves settle in Empire.
Modern History
1359 AI (60 BT)Lord Scandinavius leaves for "New Lands" and is never heard from again.
1369 AI (50 BT)Dwarves 'imprison' Infernia
1373 AI (46 BT)Last Emperor dies. Empire collapses outright.
36 BTCanticle Cathedral abandoned.
31 BTOld North Church abandoned.
20 BTPirates and Thieves grow in importance. Guilds formed.
10 BTWitchking takes control of Northern Realms
9 BTIce People flee caves.
Lady Isobel begins trips.
1 YTEvents of the Past Month
  • Solace overrun by dragons.
  • Contact lost with Riverdale.
  • Shazareth returns and captures Castle of Hyrule.
  • Mystic Cove plagued by Dragon.
  • Silver Lake polluted.