Note: I would like to thank all the people who gave me their ideas for this story. Couldn't have done it without you.

The End of Northern Lights

by Serena

It was just another day in the realm of Northern Lights. It was a day like any other day. Wizards chatting on the chatline. Mortals running to be wizards. The person that started it all, Vitastjern., the kind goddess of Northern Lights is fair and just. On this particular day, Vita was busy coding and fixing the continuous problems of Northern Lights. She was sitting in her birch tree when she heard a noise. She looked and was grabbed from behind. Vita tried to kick, scream, and fight her way free but it was useless. Gagged and bound, Vita was taken from her own room by her mysterious attackers.
Just then an urgent message flashed through the system.

All Mortals and Wizards, We have kidnapped the goddess Vitastjern. Our price, to be gods of the Northern Lights Realm. It is useless to look in this realm. You won't find her. Come and save her if you can puny mortals and wizards.

The NEW gods of Northern Lights
CF and Sheik
Then Crimefighter opened a portal and vanished with Vita and Sheik.

Meanwhile, the mortals and wizards were shocked. Serena, a golden hind, was the first to volunteer.
"I volunteer to save Vita from Crimefighter and Sheik," said Serena.
"I volunteer as well ," replied Shatterstar and stepped forward. Just then ErIC appeared. Serena bowed to the demigod out of respect. ErIC smiled.
"What happened," inquired ErIC.
"Crimefighter has taken Vita and I am going to get her back," confirmed Serena.
"You will need help then," ErIC thought. "Choose your warriors that will help you on your way."
Serena thought for a moment. "I choose Andrei, Hanna, Cyrus, and Mhoram."
"You have made your choice then?"
"Yes, ErIC." and Serena bowed.
"Then go and good luck on your journey. Hurry the portal won't stay open for much longer." The ErIC vanished in a puff of smoke.
Just as the portal was closing. Serena, Andrei, Cyrus, Hanna, and Mhoram passed through it. The portal vanished in a white light.

In front of them was the world of limbo. A huge labyrinth stood in front of them with all its twists and turns. Lots of chances to get lost.
"How we ever going to find them," wondered Serena.
They started out but every time they came to an exit, it would disappear. They kept this up for about an hour. Then they made another turn in the labyrinth and standing in front of them was a fairly large stone creature.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Lights realm, things started to disappear. It was an ordinary day when Ellyll logged in. Little did he know what to expect. He had killed a few mobiles when he was heading for the Temple of Paradise. He turned to go up but that just brought him to the same spot he started from.
"How odd," thought Ellyll. "Am I in the right place?" He checked his exits. Sure enough he was in the right place.
"Hmmm", thought Ellyll. He continued on south until he got to the snow cave and there was no yeti.
"Good," thought Ellyll but the game just reset.

Back at the labyrinth, our heroes found themselves up against a ten foot stone creature. The creature was blocking their path. The creature looked at them with its beady red eyes. The creature fired a fireball at them causing the group to split up. Serena then fired a fireball back at the stone creature. It hit him but didn't take much damage. Shatterstar stepped in to save his betrothed from the creature and shocked it with his swords. The creature received an electric shock through its body and its head fell off. Hanna teleported over to the creature and used the fireball to burn it to the ground.

During the fight, Crimefighter had been watching our heroes through a magical portal.
"So, I see they have beaten my stone creature. I have obviously underestimated these puny mortals. I will send Laertes, my henchman, to stop them," thought Crimefighter.

Back in Northern Lights, Ellyll decided to do a quest so he looked up qdone to see what quests were available.
Ellyll decided to do Enchantment but the quest was gone. It was totally gone.
"How odd." thought Ellyll. "This was there before."

After the battle, our heroes wandered around a little further until they found a fork in the middle of the labyrinth. Standing there was Laertes, Crimefighter's henchman.
"Greetings," said Laertes.
"Hello," replied Serena.
"You look lost. May I help you?"
"Which way is the way to go," inquired Serena.
"Way to go? Well now, you can go left or you can go right. It is really up to you."
"Then I will go left," Serena announced.
Laertes held her back. "I am afraid I can't let you go that way."
"Then I will go right," decided Serena.
Again Laertes held her back." You can't go that way either."
"What way can I go," wondered Serena.
"My way." And Laertes conjured a dozen stone creatures.
"Here we go again," thought Serena.
The group spread out. This time Cyrus summoned a boot to crush the stone creatures flat. That eliminated most of them. But each time one died, another took its place. The heroes battled on.
After awhile, it seemed they were getting nowhere fast. Andrei had an idea. He aimed for Laertes. Beer came out of his fingertips. Andrei drenched Laertes with beer and got him drunk. Laertes staggered around and then Serena fired a fireball at him. Laertes blew up in a flash of smoke and all the stone creatures exploded.
Our heroes walked on until they reached a forest area in the labyrinth. Along the area was a path. Mhoram, who was getting restless, suggested they take the path to see where it led.
They followed the path until it reached a clearing. Inside the clearing, shielded by magic, appeared to be a kingdom. Instead of being on the ground, the houses were in the trees. Bridges connected the houses together. This was beautiful kingdom of Mysthold.
"How do we get in," wondered Mhoram.
"Ring the doorbell," Andrei suggested.
"There is no doorbell," stated Serena.
"Say, I wonder if this thing is wired." Andrei went up to the shielding and touched it. He received a slight, unpleasant shock which caused him to fall backwards. Serena rushed up to Andrei.
"Are you OK," she asked.
"Just nifty," replied Andrei.

That shock, however, had alerted Daria, Queen of the Elfhame clan.
"I see we have visitors," she said. "Guard, go see what brings them here."
"Yes, my queen," replied the guard.

The guard appeared at the entrance of the kingdom.
"Can I help you," asked the guard.
"We are weary travelers in need of shelter," spoke up Serena. "A place to sleep and food to eat."
"Come with me," said the guard.
The shielding then split in half so that the heroes can walk through. In the center of the kingdom was the Queen's castle. The walls were made of gold and the floors made of diamonds. The walls were decorated with shields and elegant tapestries. Then they came to a door. The guard opened the door, and the heroes stepped inside.
The throne room was more elaborate than the castle. The throne was made of gold and rubies and diamonds. Red plush carpet lined the floor. Tapestries hung on the walls.
"My queen, these are the visitors," announced the guard.
"Welcome, I am Daria, Queen of the Elfhame clan," announced Daria.
"I am Serena, a golden hind. We strangers in this realm. Our goddess has been captured by two wizards who are somewhere in this land. We are seeking shelter and then we will be on our way."
"Agreed, I will have my daughter, Niviane show you to your room," replied Daria.
"This way please," replied Niviane.
Niviane led them down a long corridor. They past several rooms until they came to the last door.
"Here we are. I hope you are comfortable, " replied Niviane.
The room was fairly large with two smaller rooms for the sleeping area. Red curtains hung from the windows to match the red carpet. A desk and chair was against one wall with a sitting area in the middle.
"Well, I suggest we get some sleep," replied Serena. "We will need it."

The next morning, Queen Daria wished our heroes' presence in the throne room.
"Good morning my queen," greeted Serena and she bowed.
Then all of a sudden, Daria received a stab of pain.
"What is wrong my queen," asked Serena.
"Someone is trying to penetrate the shielding. Gwayne, let's go."
Gwayne was Queen Daria's captain of the guard. He stood six feet tall with brown eyes and hair. He had a muscular build but not to bulky. He was secretly in love with Princess Niviane. Although he wasn't sure if she was in love with him.
At the entrance, Sheik's army had penetrated the shield and invaded the kingdom. Some of the elves had already started fighting. Daria had convinced the squirrels to help them and they were throwing acorns at the army.
Standing there was Mendax, the evil priest. In his hand was a gold book." Let's see what I can conjure up," thought Mendax. "Let's see what we have on this page." Out popped the Cyclops. He stood ten feet tall with one eye. He had a club in his hand. He thundered around swinging his mighty club.
While this was going on, Cream entered Mhoram's mind.
"Kill them," said the voice. "Kill them all."
Suddenly Mhoram turned and attacked Andrei with his feathers. Andrei, in his defense, attacked Mhoram with beer.
Shatterstar attacked the Cyclops with his swords. Serena threw a fireball at the Cyclops. The fireball bounced off the Cyclops and headed straight for Niviane. Gwayne, in order to save Niviane, stepped in front of the fireball and shielded Niviane from it until it was mere ash.
"Are you crazy," shouted Niviane. "You could have been killed." Niviane bopped Gwayne on the head for being a silly billy.
"My love, I was just trying to save you," Gwayne said.
"Your love?" asked Niviane.
"Yes, I love you Niviane," confessed Gwayne.
Meanwhile, Cyrus conjured the Titan to combat the Cyclops. The Titan and the Cyclops battled and the thundering noise caused the kingdom to collapse. Serena sent a missile to destroy the Cyclops.
"Everyone focus their energy on the Cyclops," shouted Serena.
Shatterstar, Hanna, Cyrus and Gwayne attacked. The amount of energy destroyed the Cyclops. Debris fell everywhere. A big chunk of rock headed for Andrei and Mhoram.
"Look out," shouted Serena.
Andrei turned invisible and was able to get out of the way. Mhoram, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. Mhoram was crushed by the rock.
"Oh no," shouted Serena. "Mhoram, get up. Mhoram please."
"He is dead, Serena," said Shatterstar.
Then Mendax turned another page and out popped a fire-breathing dragon. The dragon exhaled and let out a big flame. The flame burned down the remaining houses and all of the trees. Cyrus conjured the Leviathan. The Leviathan combated the dragon flame with water. Our heroes were killing off Sheik's army. Then the Leviathan shot out a big burst of water and flooded the kingdom. Mendax disappeared without a trace leaving the magic book. Cyrus conjured Pegasus.
"Hop on," shouted Cyrus. "Everyone get on." Everyone boarded with Cyrus to board last. Cyrus picked up Mendax's book just before he boarded.
"Up Pegasus," shouted Cyrus. Pegasus ascended into the sky.

Meanwhile, in the realms of Northern Lights, Ellyll was still wandering around looking for a quest to do. Enchantment, the Temple of Paradise, the Village Church, Sundisc, Wings, Bullhurdling, Hastalavista, and all the critical quests had disappeared. Ellyll had only a shield and pick to fight with. Northern Lights, the beautiful realm with the tress and diverse mobiles unique to that mud was disappearing. Northern Lights had become a barren wasteland. ErIC was hard at work trying to get the quests back up. But every time he got one up and working, another one disappeared.
Ellyll was standing and what used to be the Village Church when Duckmail dive-bombed into the room.
"Hello," replied Ellyll. "What is going on?"
"I don't know, " replied Duckmail. "Whatever it is, ErIC is working on it."
"I hope so. Or else Northern Lights will be gone for good," replied Ellyll.

Pegasus landed at the edge of what was once Queen Daria's kingdom. In front of them was the rest of the labyrinth.
"OK, everyone off me," replied Pegasus.
Stunned that the horse could talk, our heroes got off the winged horse. Pegasus ascended into the sky again.
Our heroes walked further into the labyrinth and right into Ravyn and Galadim.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Galadim said. "What should we do with them, Ravyn?"
"Ummmm. They look yummy. Can we eat them?" asked Ravyn.
"No, let's play with them first," suggested Galadim.
Galadim then took over Andrei's mind and attacked Hanna. Hanna attacked back. Ravyn attacked Serena with a punch. Serena punched her back. Shatterstar shocked Ravyn with his swords. Galadim attacked Niviane with missiles. Gwayne stepped in front of Niviane and killed Galadim. Galadim exploded.
Cyrus opened the magic book and out popped the Phoenix. The Phoenix opened its mouth and a burst of flame came out. Serena ducked out of the way. Ravyn was caught in the flame and turned to ash. Andrei and Hanna stopped fighting when Galadim's spell had worn off.
"Everyone OK?" asked Serena.
"Fine," replied our heroes.
"Thank you for saving me, Gwayne," said Niviane.
"My pleasure," replied Gwayne.
Before them stood a castle. It was dark and gloomy. The doors opened and our heroes stepped in. The door shut behind them. At the other end of the room was another door.
"You have defeated all my minions but you still have to defeat me. Come and get me," a voice said.
Just then the room started to move.
"Better hurry up," the voice warned.
"Everyone run," replied Shatterstar.
They ran for the other door as the room started to close in but it was locked.
"Now what?" asked Andrei.
"Let me try," replied Niviane. She kicked the door down and everyone ran into the other room. In this room was Puff, the Unicorn and Helios stood. Helios came charging at them. Serena sent a fireball at it. Shatterstar stepped in to help Serena.
Cyrus opened his book and conjured the Jabberwock. The Jabberwock opened its mouth and ate Helios. He killed Puff and the Unicorn with its fire. Then the Jabberwock jumped back into the book.
They walked through the next door where they found Vita tied to a chair.
"Greetings, so glad you can make it," Crimefighter said.
"Crimefighter, let her go," shouted Cyrus.
"Gladly, IF you can defeat me."
Crimefighter threw a fireball into the air. Shatterstar shocked Crimefighter with his swords. Cyrus opened his magic book. The Jabberwock popped out. Andrei got Crimefighter drunk with beer. Crimefighter threw every spell he could think of. Serena combated every spell he threw. Hanna teleported over and untied Vita from the chair. The spell war continued for an hour or so. Then Vita walked up to Crimefighter and kicked him in a not so nice place. Crimefighter fell backwards. Serena tied him up.
"Thank you, Serena for saving me and Northern Lights," said Vitastjern.
"We aren't back yet," replied Serena.
Serena opened a portal. Everyone stepped through to the realm of Northern Lights . All the quests came back. Everything slowly came back.
"You saved Northern Lights, Serena. I promote you, Niviane, and Gwayne to full wizard. As for Crimefighter, you will be sentenced to roam around in The Playground where you can't quit and the Linkdeath Monster will chase you until you can run nomore," declared Vitastjern.
Then Gwayne and Shatterstar got down on one knee and said at the sane time:
"Niviane, Will you marry me?"
"Serena, Will you marry me?"
"Yes!" shouted Serena and Niviane.
That afternoon in the gazebo, Shatterstar and Serena and Gwayne and Niviane were joined in holy mudmarriage by Vystar.

Crimefighter eventually gave up and was eaten by Linkdeath. Daria rebuilt her kingdom. Cyrus became a great magician. Gwayne and Niviane, and Shatterstar and Serena lived happily for many, many years. Andrei and Hanna both received medals of honor for their bravery.