Quoth the Goddess

As told by Ravyn on the NL chat channel

once upon a mudding weary,
while i sat, weak and weary,
in my homeroom wishing for my man to arrive...
while i nodded, sleep a creeping,
someone sulkily came beeping,
his signal slowly creeping,
creeping upon my screen galore
quoth the goddess 'Cats GALORE!

I rose and caught the beeping,
rousing myself from my sleeping,
saying here, oh here is the man that i adore!
but alas it twas a newbie,
a small fellow named Arubee,
who wanted me to explain rules and quests and things amore..
quoth the goddess 'Cats GALORE!

oh, sir! Spake I to him.
Be your real name bob or jim?
Tis a pity that you're here without some guidance, I implore
forgive my ceasless baiting,
for so silently I was waiting,
my heart a pal-patating,
as I waited for lamoure
quoth the goddess Cats GALORE!

and the newbie he did giggle,
and his bottom he did wiggle,
until I thought surely i loathe all these actions galore!
for why must all the new ones,
try out all the ack-shuns,
try out all the ack-shuns
on me, every one?
quoth the goddess Cats GALORE!

Then my heart it did leap,
as I heard my honey creep,
sneaking onto the mud and saving me from newbies a-more.
and so i did noshout him,
he did curse and whine and pout, him,
but I had my love finally,
and i ignored him, evermore
quoth the goddess Cats GALORE!

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