The Newcomer: The continuing Story

This is Serena's continuation of the story The Newcomer about a 6 year old girl who finds her way to a magic world...

Rose wept in Hanna's arms. "There, There," Hanna said. Hanna and ErIC tried their best to comfort the weeping girl.
"I don't want to go home," sobbed Rose.
"You don't have to go if you don't want to," suggested Hanna. "Won't your family miss you?" asked ErIC.
"I don't have a mommy or daddy," wailed Rose. "I don't have a home."
ErIc and Hanna looked at each other.
"I found a portal that could lead to your world, Rose." explained ErIC.
Rose looked up at ErIC with her red rimmed eyes. "You did?"
ErIC nodded. "Let's go see if this door is the right one to your home world."
"Ok," Rose wiped her tears from her eyes with her hand.

They arrived at the magical gate. The gate glowed blue in the middle of the forest.
Everyone was staring at the gate and didn't notice Ele standing there. She grabbed Rose before the others could react. Rose screamed as Ele stole her away.
"Where did she go," shouted Hanna. "We need to find her."
They searched the barbian lands and empire to find Rose. They searched and searched but to no avail did they find her.

Meanwhile, Ele hid Rose in a far away cave and tied her up.
"why have you stolen me?" asked Rose.
"because you get all the attention. Before you came here, I was the cute one. Now all I hear is about you, You, YOU! shouted Ele. "With you gone, I will get all the attention again. Goodbye Rose. It's my turn to be cute. By the way, the air is running out. Soon there won't be any left." Then Ele walked out of the cave.

It was growing dark. Air was running out. Rose positioned herself low to the ground to conserve the air that was left. Then she thought she heard someone calling her name. She listened carefully. Yes, someone was calling her name!
Rose, Rose! Where are you?!" shouted Hanna.
Rose angel. Where are you ," called Andrei.
" I am here," cried Rose. "Over here!"
Hanna stopped. "Did you hear something?"
"Over here," cried Rose.
Hanna ran towards the cave followed by Andrei, Duckmail, Vishnu and ErIC.
"Rose, Rose? Rose!" hanna cried as she ran towards the girl and hugged her.
Andrei untied the ropes around Rose.
"WHat happened,"asked Hanna.
Ele took me. She hates me. Then she left me here. I want out of here, please?"
"Ok honey. We are leaving," replied Hanna.
They started to head for the entrance. when Ele walked in. She saw them and ran.
Andrei and ErIC ran after her followed by the others. When the others arrived with Rose, Ele grabbed Rose.
"Stay back or you will never see Rose again," shouted Ele.
Ele pushed Rose towards the portal. ANdrei jumped in front of Ele and caught Rose.
Ele stumbled and fell into the portal. The gate couldn't stay open any longer. It started to fall apart. Finally it collapsed and closed off.
"I am sorry honey, " replied Hanna. "Stay with us. We all love you."
"You, you love me?" asked Rose in surprise.
"I do, please stay." Hanna pleaded.
"OK, if it means that much to you. I will stay." Rose decided.
It was a sunny day This was the happiest day of Rose's life. She was being adopted. Hanna was going to have a family. In fact, the people of Northern Lights were going to be her family. Rose was finally going to have a home with people who loved her. A place she can call her own..