The Newcomer

Another story by Serena, this time about a 6 year old girl who finds her way to a magic world...

It is a cold January day. A little girl stands on a corner in rags selling roses. She looks pale and sickly. Her brown hair all limp and her brown eyes tired. With her parents gone, she is forced to look after herself. Her mother died when she was just a baby. Then her father died last year from pneumonia. The girl had caught it herself which left her sickly and weak. She wanders the streets selling roses to get by. People call out,"Rose girl!" to get a rose. This girl is called Rose because of that fact. Since there are no records of her birth, she doesn't have a real name. She lives on the streets of Chicago since there is no other place to go. On this cold day, this is where we find Rose selling flowers.

It was very cold that morning. The wind went right through her flimsy coat. The wind stung her face and nose. Rose ran into an abandoned building to get warm. She ran into the drafty building and sat in the corner waiting for the wind to die down. The air was still cold but at least it was warmer than it was outside. Rose looked around the room. It apparently was an old, abandoned warehouse. Rose looked around the walls and noticed nothing. Then she noticed a door. Rose stood up and walked towards the door cautiously. She opened the door and the room was illuminated by the light from the other side.

On the other side was green trees and grass, and nice warm sun. The sun felt so good on her body. She looked onward. It was unlike any world Rose has ever seen. Rose walked through and the door shut behind her. Rose turned around and the door was gone. So she decided to explore this place. Rose wandered around, looking at all the people that were in such a hurry. None of them had time to stop and say hi. Finally, she came to a welcome center. Rose noticed a path and continued on to what seemed to be a tour. At the end of the tour, there was a sign with a button on it. Rose pushed the button. Then she sat down and cried. In a foriegn land where everyone seemed strange; she did not know anyone. Not like she had friends back home. Rose sobbed and sobbed. Lady Hanna watched Rose cry. Then on wings of a gentle breeze; Hanna appeared. "I am lost. I don't know where I am," whailed Rose.
"Poor child. Where do you come from? Where are your parents," asked Hanna.
"I don't have any parents and I come from out there," Rose pointed to where the door used to be. "All I want to do is go home."
"Where is home," asked Hanna
"In the outside world," answered Rose.
Hanna raised her eyebrows.
"How did you get here?"
"There was a door here," said Rose. "Now it is gone."
Hanna hummed and ummed in deep thought.
"Where do you live,"asked Hanna.
"Nowhere," the girl replied. "I am homeless."
Hanna hums some more.

Duckmail was watching Hanna and Rose. He decided to pay them a visit. So he dive-bombed to where they were.
"Hi," said Duckmail.
"Hi Ducky. Ducky, this is Rose," Hanna introduced.
"Hi Rose," Duckmail smiled.
"Hi," Rose smiled shyly.
"She is from the real world," Hanna told Duckmail.
Duckmail raised hios eyebrows.
"From the outside world?"
Hanna nods.
"How did she get here?"
"I got here through a door," Rose explained.
"well, we need to pass you off as a citizen. So we better go to the fountain. Follow me," replied Duckmail.
Rose followed Hanna and Duckmail to the fountain.
"Drink fountain," Duckmail told Rose.
Rose drank from the fountain. You are now Rose the Adventuress she heard a voice say. Rose continues to drink. You are now Rose the heroine.
"OK, That's good," replied Duckmail. This is the kingdom of Northern Lights. From now on you need to pretend you are a citizen. Here you do quests and eventually becime a wizzard. Do you understand," inquired Duckmail.
"I think so. It is a little scary," replied Rose.
"That's ok. We will help you," Duckemail hugged Rose.
"Will Vitastjern allow that," asked Hanna.
"I am sure if we ask her, she might make an exception," Duckmail told Hanna.
"Excuse me, Who is V....V....V....,"
"Vitastjern sweetie," replied Hanna. "she rules this kingdom. We need to see her."
"I am scared," whailed Rose.
"Oh honey. It will be ok," soothed Hanna.
" I can see if we can talk to her now," as Duckmail tried to contact Vitastjern.
"Vitastjern is busy but King ErIC can help us," announced Duckmail.
"I am scared," whailed Rose.
"It is ok, honey," soothed Hanna. "he won't hurt you."

In ErIC's room, the three sat as Rose where she came from and how she had got here to the best of her knowledge. When she finished ErIC thought long and hard.
"I will grant yiu two wizzards' help at all times under these special circumstances," informed ErIC. "Meanwhile I will try to find a way to get you back to your own world."

At the village church, Hanna and Duckmail were figuring out what quests Rose should do.
"I think Enlightenment and Findpainting are the easiest," replied Duckmail. "She will have to do Enlightenment anyways. It's a critical quest."
"You are right," agreed Hanna.
"Ok," replied Rose.
So they set off to do Enlightenment and Findpainting. With the hints of the two wizzards, Rose had done those quests in an hour. The sun started to set.
"I think it is time for Rose to go to bed," suggested Hanna.
"Ok," replied Rose.
"You can sleep in my wiz room," offered Hanna.
Hanna took Rose to her wiz room and tucked her in.
"Goodnight," she kissed Rose on the cheek.

The next day, Rose woke up and for a moment she couldn't remember where she was. She started to cry. Andrei was watching her cry. He creeped out of the shadows.
"Now, now angel. Don't cry."
"WHo are you," asked Rose.
"My name is Andrei. Hanna asked me to be with you."
AT that time ErIC appeared with Vishnu.
"Rose. This is Vishnu. He will be helping you today too. You need to understand, we usually don't allow wizzards to follow around mortals but this is a special circumstance. Understand?"
Rose nodded. ErIC smiled.
"If you need me, let me know."
"Hello Rose. I am Vishnu."
"Hello," Rose replied shyly.
"WEll, should we get started," asked Vishnu.
They went to the village church.
"Let's see, You got your first critical quest done. That's good," said Andrei. "let's just find what we can find."
After Desertoffools, Wikedwitch, and Turkeynapper, Rose was halfway through Damsel.
"You are doing well, angel," Andrei remarked.
"Thanks," Rose smiled.
"Let's go kill some bad guys," suggested Vishnu. "It will help you get some more score."

Days passed. Rose was starting to like it here. She had managed to make it to Magicane and got some quests. She was happy here. Then one day, Rose was with Hanna and Duckmail sitting in the village church.
ErIC appeared out of nowhere.
"Hi there," ErIC smiled. I think I found a portal that will take you home to your own world. Isn't that wonderful?"
"Home," Rose repeated.
Home to her was living off the streets and sleeping whereever you could. Rose liked it here. It was warm. She ate more often now than she did in weeks.
"I don't know. I like it here," Rose decided.
"well, you are welcome to stay here or you can go home. What do you want to do," asked ErIC.
Rose thought of home or what was home. Then she thought of her new home.
"I don't know," wailed Rose as she began to cry.
Hanna tried to comfort the crying girl.

The End