The Dirt Game System

How do I write a good zone?

Zone formats
How a zone file should be written to work with the dirt game system.

Writing a good zone
What you should think about when writing a zone.

Og's guide to zone writing
Ideas and examples of what you can do to improve the quality of your zone.

Armor and armaments
A brief list of different armors and weapons, and what damage and armor classes they should have to be reasonable.

The Ice-Cave
An example of what a zone can look like

The Catch Function System
How to do special cases in the zonefiles. (Mainly of interest for those with a working knowledge of the dirt source code.)

A couple example catches
Examples on what different catches can look like.

Other texts useful for writing good zones

Where to find inspiration

Tools for writing Dirt type zones

Last edited March 27, 1995.