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Beyond Mere Playing the Game


For the Aspiring World Builder

Many players will after a while feel an urge to write a zone of their own. Since aberMUDs don't provide a feature for on-line creation, the entire source needs to be recompiled before a working zone with puzzles and all can be added to the game. This might sound like creating zones is a privilege for a few, but this is not the case. Dirt zones come in a special format, and if you know how to write your zone in this format it will be pretty easy for the coders to add it to the game.

Mud Lists and Other Items of Interest

Get Your Own Anniversary T-Shirt!

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary, we are proud to present to you a t-shirt emblem. Use an inkjet printer and a t-shirt transfer sheet and a white t-shirt. The transfer sheet can be purchased at any store selling office supplies and is easily put on a white t-shirt using a hot iron. For specific instructions, see the HowTo that comes with the transfer sheet.
Those of you that don't have software for printing t-shirt transfers automatically, or don't know how to use it, use the mirrored image instead.

Right-click on either of the links below and select "Save Target As", then open the picture in your favourite imaging software and print the picture to your inkjet printer.

The beautiful picture of the aurora borealis on the emblem was painted by Mair Perring and is used with her kind permission.


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