What is an AberMUD?

The aberMUDs are of a type of mud that has been in existance for a quite long time. They precede most of the different types of muds that exists now, and are still quite popular on the Internet.

AberMUDs got their name by being created at the University of Aberystwyth in the United Kingdoms. Some of these early mud pioneers were Richard Acott, Alan Cox and Jim Finnis.

At the moment the most popular aberMUD server is a one process version of the aber4 server and is called dirt3. This server type was created by Gjermund Sörseth and Alf Salte.

Northern Lights, the aberMUD at Ludd, is one of the most popular aberMUDs right now.

For our players we provide a short automated mudlist of AberMUDs in tabled format for those of you that use Netscape 1.1 or later, and in untabled format for those of you that don't.

Ludd's ftp base contains some aber related materials.

Last edited April 20, 2008.